List of Members and Important Works

Official Position Name State Company Representative Remarks
Honorary Member Masamitsu Tamura   University of Tokyo Professor emeritus  
Chairman Naotaka Isogai Aichi Isogai Enka Naotaka Isogai  
Vice-chairman Toshiaki Obata Gunma Kikuya Obata Hanabi Toshiaki Obata  
Vice-chairman Tadanobu Komatsu Akita Komatsu Enka Industry Tadanobu Komatsu  
Director Keiji Hosoya Tokyo Hosoya Enterprises Keiji Hosoya  
Director Nobuo Wakamatsu Miyagi Wakamatsuenka Manufacturing Nobuo Wakamatsu  
Director Masaru Nasuno Nagano Inakako Horiuchi Enkaten Masaru Nasuno  
Auditor Katsushi Saiki Yamanashi Saiki Enka Honten Katsushi Saiki  
Auditor Kazuyuki Kumekawa Akita Wabiya Kazuyuki Kumekawa  
Member Akio Aoki Nagano Beniya Aoki Enka Akio Aoki  
Member Masaaki Abe Niigata Abe Enka Industry Tomoki Abe  
Member Kouhei Ogatsu Tokyo Marutamaya Ogatsu Enka Kouhei Ogatsu  
Member Tomoyoshi Oguchi Shizuoka Sanen Enka Hiroshi Oguchi  
Member Toshihiro Kanno Fukushima Kanno Enka Toshihiro Kanno  
Member Eiichi Koizumi Niigata Niigata Enka Industry Kinichi Koizumi  
Member Yoshikazu Konno Akita Kitanihon Hanabi Kogyo Yoshikazu Konno  
Member Tomonori Saiki Yamanashi Marugo Satoshi Saiki  
Member Kentaro Saito Akita Hibikiya Oomagari Enka Kentaro Saito  
Member Sigeo Shinohara Nagano Shinohara Enka Sigeo Shinohara  
Member Kiichiro Tabata Shizuoka Shizutamaya Kiichiro Tabata  
Member Tomohiro Tabata Shizuoka Tabata Enka Shinnosuke Tabata  
Member Yukio Tamura Nagano Taiyodo Tamura Enka Yukio Tamura  
Member Kazuhiro Negishi Saitama Negishi Kako Kazuhiro Negishi  
Member Yoichi Nomura Ibaraki Nomura Hanabi Industry Yoichi Nomura  
Member Nobuo Fujiwara Nagano Shinshu Enka Industry Nobuo Fujiwara  
Member Saburo Horigome Ibaraki Tsukuhoku Kako Horigome Enka Saburo Horigome  
Member Masanori
Niigata Katakai Enka Industry Kazunori
Member Takeshi Mori Ibaraki Mori Enka Factory Takeshi Mori  
Member Hiroyuki Yamauchi Yamanashi Yamauchi Enka Hiroyuki Yamauchi  
Member Tomohiro Yamazaki Ibaraki Yamazaki Enka Manufacturing Tomohiro Yamazaki  
29 people  
Secretary Susumu Nakagawa   Hosoya Enterprises    

2023 Mar

Membership regulations

The rules for membership and admission to membership as set out in the Articles of Japan Fireworks Artists' Association are as follows:

Membership Rules

Members are stipulated in Article 6 of the Articles of Incorporation
(1) Full member: Individuals or groups who agree with the purpose of this Corporation and join it (29 members at present)
(2) Supporting member: Individuals or groups who join to support the business of this corporation (none at present)
(3) Honorary member: Persons who have made achievements in this Corporation or who are academic experts and have been nominated at the General Meeting of Employees (Mr. Shozo Tamura, 1 person at present)

Rules for Admission to Membership

To become a full member or a supporting member of the Corporation, an application must be made using the form prescribed by the Corporation and then be approved by the Board of Directors.

The selection procedure for new members as of February 2013 is as follows

these bylaws still apply as the selection criteria

(1) Must have exhibited in any of the following fireworks competitions (9 competitions) in the last 5 seasons and must have won a prize and have been within the top 10%:
National Fireworks Competition Convention "Omagari Fireworks", New Fireworks Collection (Omagari)
Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition
National Fireworks Competition dedicated to Ise Jingu
Yatsushiro National Fireworks Competition
Fireworks on Lake Suwa
Akagawa Fireworks Festival
National fireworks expert selection tournament Fukuroi Enshu Fireworks
Ebisu Fireworks Festival
(2) Those who agree with the objectives of the Japan Fireworks Artists' Association must indicate their wish to join.
(3) A person who is a manufacturer of fireworks and is recommended by two or more members and are approved by the Board of Directors.
(4) Those who have obtained the approval of two-thirds or more of the valid votes cast by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting of members.