Association Profile

Established January 11, 1960
Incorporation of the Japan Fireworks Artists Association which had been established as an unincorporated association in January 1960.
Organization 29 members (Full Members)
Chairman Akio Aoki
Office 3F Union Bldg. 1-2-6 Monzennaka-cho, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0048
(Inside Hosoya Enterprises Co., Ltd.)
TEL: 03-3630-2262, FAX: 03-3630-2210
Goals The purpose of the Association is to improve the technologies of Japanese fireworks and to enhance the Japanese Fireworks arts by trying to diffuse the culture of fireworks in Japan as well as all over the world.
Main activities (i) Exhibiting JAFF member’s fireworks shells in various Fireworks shows
(ii) Introducing and exhibiting Japanese fireworks overseas
(iii) Publicity and publication activities related to fireworks
(iv) Mutual exchange of technical or other information and assistance among members
(v) Other activities accompanying or related to each of the above


The Japan Fireworks Artists Association Establishment

The Japan Fireworks Artists Association(abbreviation:JFAA) was established on January 11,1960 in commemoration of awarding of the Medal Honor with Yellow Ribbon from the Japanese Government to late Mr. Gisaku Aoki in the autumn of the previous year(1959) for his creation and completion of the Yaeshin Type Shell(Flower type shell with Double Pistil). Mr.Gisaku Aoki was said to be the possessor of utmost art of Fireworks of his time and this awarding of the Medal of Honor to him was the first case in the field of Fireworks Industry in Japan. JFAA was founded also as an organization to aim to promote and develop the traditional and cultural treasure of Fireworks.

Establishment philosophy

An artistic expression of light, smoke and sound, painted in an instant on the vast canvas of the sky...
No one will object to the idea that fireworks are a form of art.
They have a majestic scale and future potential that cannot be rivaled by any other form of artistic expression.
However, this does not mean that all fireworks being launched today constitute art. In some cases, they are nothing more than a beautiful spectacle, or a scientific phenomenon.
In particular, it cannot be denied that there is a tendency to be content with the traditions and techniques of fireworks art created over many years by our predecessors, and compromises are made using business as an excuse. Many people complain about the stereotypical character of ordinary fireworks shows, and we should be concerned about whether people have had enough of the boom in fireworks contests and are beginning to lose interest.
However, as people who love and live for fireworks, our goal must always be the pursuit of fireworks art.
Furthermore, raising our artistic level, based on manufacturing scientifically safe fireworks, is a task for today that we must not neglect.
In the early 1960s, there was a greater need than ever before for strong cooperation among those with similar aspirations in order to achieve this goal, improve the fireworks industry, and further raise the already high stature of Japanese fireworks in the world.

As stated above, the Government had for the first time recognized the traditional skill of Fireworks with the awarding of the Medal of Honor with Yellow Ribbon.Taking this opportunity, we established the JFAA as an organization whose members possess the traditional and most advanced skill expressing the arts of Japanese Fireworks, in order to make recognized officially the art of Fireworks and traditional skill worthy of living national treasures(intangible cultural assets), members of the Japan Academy of Arts and recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit.


1960: JFAA formed by eleven associates
Gisaku Aoki, elected as the first President.
Announced joint Fireworks shows would be displayed at the Gifu Chunichi Fireworks Show and the Futako-Tamagawa Fireworks Show
1965: Tamon Aoki, elected as the second President
Overseas activities flourishing
1976: Fireworks Production in Bonn, West Germany
1981-1987:  Joint Fireworks Productions during Sea Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1983: Fireworks Production in Dusseldorf, West Germany
Fireworks in Hong Kong (joined the Art Festival)
1984: Hiroaki Tabata, elected as the third President
Fireworks Production in Bangkok to commemorate the birthday of the King of Thailand
1986: Fireworks Production (Welcome Fireworks show for Queen Elizabeth II)  In Hong Kong
1987: Fireworks Production observed by Princess Diana in a ceremony welcoming the Prince of Wales to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Fireworks Production in Bangkok to commemorate the anniversary of the reign of the King of Thailand
1992: Fireworks Production in Bangkok to commemorate the anniversary of the reign of the Queen of Thailand
1995: Shozo Oguchi, elected as the fourth President
1996: Fireworks Production in Bangkok to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the coronation of the King of Thailand
2003: Association receives Award from the Commissioner of the Agency of Cultural Affairs for its efforts to diffuse and improve fireworks technology and its major contributions to the development of Japanese culture
2006: Fireworks Production in Bangkok to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the coronation of the King of Thailand
2007: Fireworks Production in Bangkok to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the King of Thailand
2009: Akio Aoki, elected as the fifth President
The products of The Association’s members are displayed jointly in approximately 30 Fireworks shows a year all over Japan based on our belief that fireworks are an art form and our philosophy of continuing to work diligently to ensure that this belief is recognized by others and becomes widely held in society at large.
2012: Fireworks wishing for reconstruction of the great east japan earthquake.
2014: The Japan Fireworks Artists Association was incorporated.
2016: Member Yoichi Nomura received a Medal with Yellow Ribbon from Japan cabinet office.