Exhibiting of JAFF member’s shells in fireworks shows in various places

The joint displays Fireworks productions with the members’ proud and technically advanced Shells by long-term study and together with the shells of the local manufacturers receive higher reputation as a rich program since they are full of changes and varieties.
The members’ shells serve as the highlights of a fireworks show, which attracts many visitors and becomes something that fireworks enthusiasts will not want to miss. They can also demonstrate the essence of Japanese Fireworks at just one night by bringing together the shells that have won top prizes in the Fireworks competitions held in different times and places.

Example Program

National fireworks expert selection tournament
The Fukuroi Enshu Fireworks Festival

National fireworks expert selection tournament「2 8gou shell and Starmine」(first half)

Contest Exhibitor Shell size Quantity Shell Name
Standard review Aichi , Naotaka Isogai 8gou 2  
Entry No.1 Tokyo , Hosoya Enterprises
Keiji Hosoya
8gou 1 NoborikyokutsukiYaeshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Celebrate the Reiwa era! Kobai's song" (Kobai=Red plum)
Starmine V・A・C・A・T・I・O・N~Picture Diary of the Night Sky~
Entry No.2 Ibaraki , Nomura Hanabi Industry
Yoichi Nomura
8gou 1 NoborikyokudotsukiYoeshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Paradise in the Sky
Starmine Paradise in the Sky, Rising from Dusk
Entry No.3 Akita , Komatsu Enka Industry
Tadanobu Komatsu
8gou 1 NoborikyokudoYoeshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Tamazakura
Starmine That summer day...「Matsuri」
Entry No.4 Akita , Kitanihon Hanabi Kogyo
Masayoshi Konno
8gou 1 NoborikyokudotsukiMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Beautiful Flowers in Heaven
Starmine Flowers yearning for the Sky
Entry No.5 Shizuoka , Ikebun
Hirofumi Ikegaya
8gou 1 NoborikyokutsukiMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Repeated Flare Bullet in the Dark Night
Starmine Fukuroi Fireworks Umbrella Ondo
Entry No.6 Nagano , Beniya Aoki Enka
Akio Aoki
8gou 1 NoborikyokutsukiMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 NoborikyokudotsukiNidozakihyakkaen
Starmine Aurora Mysterious Light Dancing in the Night Sky

National fireworks expert selection tournament「2 8gou shell and Starmine」(last half)

Contest Exhibitor Shell size Quantity Shell Name
Entry No.7 Nagano , Taiyodo Tamura Enka
Kiyoharu Tamura
8gou 1 NoboriobanaMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 NoboribokutsukiAzisaisenringiku
Starmine Wings of Hope
Entry No.8 Yamanashi , Yamauchi Enka
Hiroshi Yamauchi
8gou 1 NoborikyokudotsukiYaeshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 White Flower
Starmine Roar to the Future
Entry No.9 Shizuoka , Tabata Enka
Tomohiro Tabata
8gou 1 NoborikyokutsukiMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Glittering Flower
Starmine Glittering Bridge Over to Tomorrow
Entry No.10 Shizuoka , Sanen Enka
Tomoyoshi Oguchi
8gou 1 NoborikyokutsukiMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Atelier of Light
Starmine The Spectrum as Seen by Newton ~ Rays of Color Emitted from a Prism~
Entry No.11 Niigata , Abe Enka Industry
Masaaki Abe
8gou 1 NoborikyokudoMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Shower of Blossoms
Starmine Ephemeral Yet Beautifully Dancing Flowers
Entry No.12 Aichi , Isogai Enka
Naotaka Isogai
8gou 1 NoborikyokutsukiMieshinHenkagiku
8gou 1 Mirror Ball
Starmine Cherry Blossoms
Entry No.13 Fukushima , Kanno Enka
Tadao Kanno
8gou 1 NoboriginryuYaezakisiragikunohana
8gou 1 Flowers of Wabi
Starmine Memory